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Let's add these greedy dentists to the bottom feeder's of society usually reserved to lawyers...Disabled low income people more than deserve dental care...My social security supplemental does not have dental coverage...Remember the scene from; " Marathon Man ", with Dustin Hoffman getting drilled by the nazi dentist...Yes, that's what these dentist more than deserve..." Is it safe ", zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...
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Mule Train
I am 49 and have spent my life taking care of others. For the past 18 yrs I have worn a night guard, trying to control teeth grinding in my sleep. Now I am at the point of constant pain, the top of my mouth behind my front teeth stays sore and inflamed from my bottom teeth digging into it. I have no natural resting point left. I have seen 2 dentist and a reconstruction specialist. They will only talk about crowning all of my teeth for a cost of over $30000. I have insurance thru my job but the limit is $1500 per year, this will really go a long way! Excellent medical insurance but it will not help. I guess I will live with it as long as I can. Thanks for listening.
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I have SEVERE PERIODONTAL DISEASE. Many of my teeth are broken or cracked and are now becoming extremely loose. At one time I qualified for "Medical" services but unfortunately the state of California stopped allowing dental services for adults and I was unable to afford the services on my own. I was laid off almost two years ago and now the appearance and condition of my teeth is hindering my ability to find work. I believe that my teeth are in such a condition that they cannot be saved and I will need full dentures or implants of some kind. I am in need of information on possible financing or if there are any free programs located in Southern California that could possibly help me. I'M DESPERATE-PLEASE HELP!! THANK YOU TO ANY ONE THAT HAS INFO FOR ME!!
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I don't know if there is a point to this but I have to try. My Boyfriend NEEDS his wisdom teeth removed. I have tried so hard to get help for him. We found a Dr, that took a second of her time to pop a finger in his mouth see he had a mass infection and thankfully she gave him a order for pills to clear it up. But it will just come back if not treated. I dont know what to do...
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 in response to eli00769...   I'd be happy to help, contact me
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Iam a disabled american vet, my front right tooth broke off,and I grind my teeth or used to when I was able to sleep decently,so much that my front teeth are pretty much to the nerves,Im in constant pain it even hurts to breathe air through my mouth,Im on a fixed income, because of a bullit in my brain,and I have no insurance,but Iam willing to work out some kind of payment plan for help,Please share some MERCY towards my needs! THANKYOU!
 in response to 1stCavArmyVet...   Hello ... I am curious to know if you ever found help. I sent an email with additional information but never heard back. I found a bunch of clinics in FL and some that offer additional services for vets. Take care and God Bless!
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ArmyVet Daughter
 in response to 1stCavArmyVet...   As a vet you can go to the nearest VA Hospitals Emergency Room. Tell them you are in extreme pain. They can't turn you away.You will have to pay but it is very little. This is what we were told by a doctor to get around the policy where they don't cover dental. Just make sure at the emergency room you tell them "I am in ALOT of PAIN!!!!!!!"
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What good is this article to people in Canada in need?
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 in response to DentalDoctor...   I am interested to contact you as well. My name is eli andi need dental work.
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I am currently a Dental school student looking for patients to treat at NOVA southeastern university college of dental medicine (located in Davie, FL). We provide comprehensive dental care for a fraction of the cost of outside dental offices. Give me a call if you are interested in becoming a patient/scheduling an appointment. My number is 703-867-8691.

Again, this clinic is located at NOVA dental school
Address: 3200 S. University Drive
Davie, FL 33328
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what the hell
 in response to ans4...   Go on ontario works (wilfer) i know its not great but lisen thay well help him..welfern well help when you get over 65 age your crewed no help govderment is an ass. WHAT THE HELL.
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what the hell
Is there any one there can help my mom she 72 age and needs ALL her teeth out as dentures fixed aswell she has to be on this pall befour thay thouch her so she well not bleed to death she has a hearth condision and on blood thinners, she is in very much pain we can't aford paying shes on low income, WHO CAN HELP HER?..ive tryed evey were and aim so lost we need goverment help... PLEASE EMAIL ME ASAP ANY ONE THANK YOU
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If you need help with finding a Dentist try your local University. I know here their Dental Department treat clients for a fraction of the cost of a regular dentist. The students do most of the work but if it is an actual procedure then the teaching Dentist will perform the procedure.
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My daughter has a severe dental infection(severe Periodontal disease), and all the teeths need to be removed. I don't have a job to pay the doctor, and every day she is in severe pain and leave on Ibuprofen, can someone extand his/her helping hand to my daughter?

Please people help, she can only eat yoghourt and oatmeal

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I am a disabled vet here in SW florida. I have been up since 3am trying to find somewhere I can get help with dental pain. Unfortunatley, with my credit and 4 kids, there is little I can find. Even Care Credit denied me, and fo course, the VA can't do anything. Does anyone have any ideas? It's to the point now I can't sleep or eat. If so please email me at SGHERING1@GMAIL>COM. Thank you
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 in response to musicmansing...   

Hello and wllcome to Aidpage

Try this for dentures and see if the price is better




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im 46 male . have always had a job and still do, have crudy dental insurance, and bad teeth, im a sales manager, hard working, but threre is no way i can pay for what i need to have done, the dentist informed my i need to have all my teeth pulled due to bone loss, and either dentures or impants his ext cost was $16,000, thats just way to much if there is any help out there, it would be most apprectiated, i know there are a lot wonderful fortuante people out there that can help, my dental insurance only pays $1000.00 per year nice.

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My boyfriend NEVER got his top teeth.!! Does anybody know anything about this or maybe what could cause it?! He is 19 now and has not ever been able to eat steak or burgers!! If you have any information to help me out, please comment on this!! Thank you!!
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luke ford
 in response to SanDav...   i know how you feel sandav i have all but 9 of my teeth broke past the gum cant eat and i havent amiled since i was 14 not in public anyway i wonder if this is gods way of telling me to kill myself tired of ppl looking at me like im a crack head never done meth or crack just been poor all my life im so tired of pain tired of the antibiotics every week tired of girls smileing at me till i open my mouth and say something ive tried all of the links tried every where i can find all the low cost clinics say i need an oral surgeon but can barely afford to live much less come up with 5 grand im just so tired im 29 and for the last 10 years ive thought of ending it every day i pray to god every day for him to kill me i wish it wold coem true so much
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