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I am a disabled vet here in SW florida. I have been up since 3am trying to find somewhere I can get help with dental pain. Unfortunatley, with my credit and 4 kids, there is little I can find. Even Care Credit denied me, and fo course, the VA can't do anything. Does anyone have any ideas? It's to the point now I can't sleep or eat. If so please email me at SGHERING1@GMAIL>COM. Thank you
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Hello and wllcome to Aidpage

Try this for dentures and see if the price is better




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im 46 male . have always had a job and still do, have crudy dental insurance, and bad teeth, im a sales manager, hard working, but threre is no way i can pay for what i need to have done, the dentist informed my i need to have all my teeth pulled due to bone loss, and either dentures or impants his ext cost was $16,000, thats just way to much if there is any help out there, it would be most apprectiated, i know there are a lot wonderful fortuante people out there that can help, my dental insurance only pays $1000.00 per year nice.

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My boyfriend NEVER got his top teeth.!! Does anybody know anything about this or maybe what could cause it?! He is 19 now and has not ever been able to eat steak or burgers!! If you have any information to help me out, please comment on this!! Thank you!!
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luke ford
 in response to SanDav...   i know how you feel sandav i have all but 9 of my teeth broke past the gum cant eat and i havent amiled since i was 14 not in public anyway i wonder if this is gods way of telling me to kill myself tired of ppl looking at me like im a crack head never done meth or crack just been poor all my life im so tired of pain tired of the antibiotics every week tired of girls smileing at me till i open my mouth and say something ive tried all of the links tried every where i can find all the low cost clinics say i need an oral surgeon but can barely afford to live much less come up with 5 grand im just so tired im 29 and for the last 10 years ive thought of ending it every day i pray to god every day for him to kill me i wish it wold coem true so much
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Yes,soulight I need two novacaine shots and only one dentist could get away with giving me one , once. But it wears off while working on me so I just tell him novacaine me up beforehand. There is many more like us who need extra novacaine!


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You are most welcome Starshine ! It is nice to know that someone else has the same problem with novacaine . Most dentists won't believe me until I yell out when they try to work on me with too little novacaine !


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 in response to soulight...   I always have to have a lot of novacaine and will let them know by almost knocking the instruments out of their hand. My dentist knows now to give me a lot of novicane!!
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 in response to soulight...   Cool site and great find. Way to go soulight!!! Thank you...
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I just found a site called "How to locate Assistance programs for those who do not have dental insurance"

That just about says it all ! Much of it is repeated on my pages , but they do have current dental schools and other information that may be of help. I am going to check for Michigan for sure ! soulight

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I found a site that many of us ( including me ) can really use. It is called Dental Fear Central. I am one of the "very rare" people who doesn't numb up very well. Dentists don't believe me until they try to numb me up and then they find out when I feel like biting thier hand . Anyway , here is the link .

PS they also have ideas about how to finance dental work and they cover the UK as well as the US


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Don't forget our Aidpage member who works so hard to give out dental grants ! Check it out :


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Hi Pam

I know exactly what you mean about Aidpage making you sad. I fight back with all that I have by doing research and hopefully finding information that people can really use.


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I'm 29, disabled, married, and have 4 children.  Each subsequent pregnancy always takes their toll on the teeth, and my mother lost ALL of hers by her early 30's.  I've had five teeth pulled - but two were replaced by wisdom teeth that came in later, and one was simply crushed by the dentist's pliers.  He left the roots in and told me to find someone else to get the roots out because he wasn't an oral surgeon and couldn't do it.  I called the school of dentistry in Alton, Illinois because they had free care for those who couldn't afford it.  Problem is that even with Medicaid, that school said it's highly possible that I'd still have to pay 50% of the fees, AND that it's a guarantee that I'm going to be put on a 12-month waiting list.  I can't wait that long!  I'm strugging with frequent infections from that root, and one of these days, it'll turn into an abcess and kill me.  (Yes, abcesses are fatal when it eats through the roots into the brain, and this root is on the upper right.)  The school in Alton is the ONLY one in the ENTIRE STATE OF ILLINOIS that does this for people, but they still demand half in cash and tells even the urgent needs patients to wait a year!  These missions of mercy is a JOKE.  There's one coming up next month in Bloomington, two hours away.  How am I supposed to get there?!  I'm on a worse-than-limited income, on Medicaid, can't afford babysitters for my children since my husband would have to drive me back home.  In Illinois, only extractions are allowed.  NOTHING else.  They don't even cover dentures, cleanings, fillings, nothing.  My oldest daughter's two front adult teeth are literally crossing over each other and she's having speech problems due to that, but Medicaid sent me a letter saying that her problem isn't bad enough and braces are considered cosmetic.  Just wait till ALL her adult teeth comes in, then the problem is going to worsen.  I've searched everywhere in Illinois, and I can't even afford to go more than 30 miles from my town for this.  There's nothing here.

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i am single mom here is northern cal sacremento and lost my job and my 15yr son has need to get to dental care for his bad teeth any ideas where to turn and have no dental insurance ,,,,please let me know what i can do ,,, he is in real pain every night ,,,,

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Just wanted to add my thanks and accolades for this site, which you put so much love and time into. Yes I found this site too, in my search for dental help. Yes, I see the futility in government attitudes. I think it will be changing soon. Meantime, I will read through your site, and thank you, Soullight, from the bottom of my heart.

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I am going to school online and next Jan. will have to go for clinicals and externship. I have Medicare and Medicaid. The problem is NO one will take it. I have 15 teeth left and 3 broken off into the gumline. One is about to break and I am in constant pain with the teeth. I do not have 3000.00 they want just for the dentures. I can not possibly get a job with my mouth like this. I am in Florida and there is no help at all. Unless I have loads of kids or am rich. can anyone help or suggest where to go? I am trying to better myself for my son. It seems the more I try, the father behind I get. And I am depressed over it.

Thank you kindly


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Pam from Ohio

Thank you for your site.  This makes me cry, so sad that we cannot allow people to live with dignity in this country.  You have provided so much useful information here.  You are truly a blessing to us all.

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