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Hi Pam

I know exactly what you mean about Aidpage making you sad. I fight back with all that I have by doing research and hopefully finding information that people can really use.


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I'm 29, disabled, married, and have 4 children.  Each subsequent pregnancy always takes their toll on the teeth, and my mother lost ALL of hers by her early 30's.  I've had five teeth pulled - but two were replaced by wisdom teeth that came in later, and one was simply crushed by the dentist's pliers.  He left the roots in and told me to find someone else to get the roots out because he wasn't an oral surgeon and couldn't do it.  I called the school of dentistry in Alton, Illinois because they had free care for those who couldn't afford it.  Problem is that even with Medicaid, that school said it's highly possible that I'd still have to pay 50% of the fees, AND that it's a guarantee that I'm going to be put on a 12-month waiting list.  I can't wait that long!  I'm strugging with frequent infections from that root, and one of these days, it'll turn into an abcess and kill me.  (Yes, abcesses are fatal when it eats through the roots into the brain, and this root is on the upper right.)  The school in Alton is the ONLY one in the ENTIRE STATE OF ILLINOIS that does this for people, but they still demand half in cash and tells even the urgent needs patients to wait a year!  These missions of mercy is a JOKE.  There's one coming up next month in Bloomington, two hours away.  How am I supposed to get there?!  I'm on a worse-than-limited income, on Medicaid, can't afford babysitters for my children since my husband would have to drive me back home.  In Illinois, only extractions are allowed.  NOTHING else.  They don't even cover dentures, cleanings, fillings, nothing.  My oldest daughter's two front adult teeth are literally crossing over each other and she's having speech problems due to that, but Medicaid sent me a letter saying that her problem isn't bad enough and braces are considered cosmetic.  Just wait till ALL her adult teeth comes in, then the problem is going to worsen.  I've searched everywhere in Illinois, and I can't even afford to go more than 30 miles from my town for this.  There's nothing here.

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i am single mom here is northern cal sacremento and lost my job and my 15yr son has need to get to dental care for his bad teeth any ideas where to turn and have no dental insurance ,,,,please let me know what i can do ,,, he is in real pain every night ,,,,

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Just wanted to add my thanks and accolades for this site, which you put so much love and time into. Yes I found this site too, in my search for dental help. Yes, I see the futility in government attitudes. I think it will be changing soon. Meantime, I will read through your site, and thank you, Soullight, from the bottom of my heart.

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I am going to school online and next Jan. will have to go for clinicals and externship. I have Medicare and Medicaid. The problem is NO one will take it. I have 15 teeth left and 3 broken off into the gumline. One is about to break and I am in constant pain with the teeth. I do not have 3000.00 they want just for the dentures. I can not possibly get a job with my mouth like this. I am in Florida and there is no help at all. Unless I have loads of kids or am rich. can anyone help or suggest where to go? I am trying to better myself for my son. It seems the more I try, the father behind I get. And I am depressed over it.

Thank you kindly


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Pam from Ohio

Thank you for your site.  This makes me cry, so sad that we cannot allow people to live with dignity in this country.  You have provided so much useful information here.  You are truly a blessing to us all.

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 in response to anrbabygirl...   


In my blog and I am sure it is here too (and she does it is called free medical and dental by state and I am sure if you had clicked on that you would have found the same thing I am going to give you..

There is a place for each state for free medical and free dental clinics.

Good luck as having bad teeth are a pain plus not good for your general health..

I need dental work to so I know it is not fun being in pain

Good luck


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I am a 22 year old married woman who is trying to seek help! I have searched 100's of pages for free dental and or assistance programs with no luck! Unless you are pregnant, have children, medically ill, metally ill, elderly you cannot find anyone who cares! But just like those people mentioned above, I TOO need help :( It's not fair that someone who probably got pregnant on PURPOSE (I know some) get medicaid but there is NOTHING for a single/married person with no children/illnesses. Both my husband and I work, but cannot even afford more than our basic bills. Sorry if I sound bitter I am tired and in pain. I've been on the computer for hours searching for help!

My mouth: bottom tooth in back decaying in several places with big hole on top, periodontal gum disease, 2 front teeth holes in back, 3 more teeth small holes, right side last tooth one side left. Plus many more with I am sure more problems. I know I need at least crowns, fillings, scaling/deep root cleaning, and maybe a root canal or two.

 I live in GA 20-30 minutes from downtown atlanta. Please please help me find someone who can help me!

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 in response to sadsack...   


In my blog click the horse avatar is a program affordable dentures . You can put that in search here for Starshine and it will take you to the page.

Just last night or night before if you have breast cancer there is an organization that will help with house work and there is cash assistance for cancer patients I posted in my blog . 

Here is other information and do call 211

There is free medical clinics and free dental clinics in your area. Let me see if I posted it.

Take care and the best to you


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I have battled breast cancer, had a double mastectomy at 40. My body has been ravaged and also my teeth. We used all we had to pay for crowns and bridges before but because of the cancer they were removed as the teeth were decaying. Unfotunately these cannot be used again and the dentist did not want to work with us anymore as it was too complicated and he did not want to deal with all the problems.  I was left sinking and gasping for air. I have only 6 upper teeth left and I have been undergoing very difficult and traumatic dental work on my upper teeth the past year and a half to try and fix the problem and after 4 dentists it is still not over.  I am in so much pain and discomfort. The dentists seem to have had trouble fixing the problems and although we paid them they were not interested in having to go the extra mile for what seems to be a complex dental case and just gave up on me.  I am emotionally, financially and physically broken and I am struggling so badly. I am losing heart and hope.  We have no more money to pay for this as we are also paying for cancer surgery.  I live in Washington State.  After all the heartache and misery I would love to be able to smile again. Can someone please help?  I will do anything.

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Hello Soulight!  First of all you are a truly wonderful person.  I mean that.  You are doing alot of leg work for alot of subjects and I want you to know I appreciate it! I live in Florida and I was able to get some dental help through Brevard County health Alliance.  They pulled a tooth.  I also have been put on a waiting list for a cleaning.  That's my good news.

Bad news is I had a stroke 4 years ago. My husband left myself and my 6 years old son.(will be 1 year in Aug.) I have not had any dental insurance for 10 years and am in desprate need of some major dental work.  The health department only pulls teeth.  They said they do not do restorations.(?)  Due to low income and disability I qualify for some programs, but they just want to pull.  I would like to save my teeth if at all possible.  I ran across this "too good to be true" insurance company.  All over the web and can't find anything wrong.  Have you ever heard of they good or bad?  It is a Metlife company SafeGuard.  Or do you know any programs that could help me save my teeth?  Thank you!!

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I'm looking for help in NYC.  I haven't seen a dentist in about 8 years due to bad experiences on two separate occasions at the dentist.  There was lasting trauma and it has kept me away.  My teeth has suffered. I'm 23 and I'm starting college and september and I can't smile; not really.  It hurts and I want to fix it but I don't know where to go.  I'm extremely self-conscious about it.  I just want to smile again. I want to be able to laugh and open my mouth.  I live in Brooklyn and I live in a studio apt. with my family.  I can't affort much, but I want to start some sort of process.


Thank you. -Lemmy. 

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 in response to getfreedental...   

To getfreedental :

I wasn't sure about your site , as the links are not for dental information , but for many other sites that sell things. HOWEVER , the fact that you say 'IF YOU CAN'T AFFORD THE DIRECTORY , I WILL GIVE IT TO YOU FREE" has prompted me to keep your posting on this page. If you truly mean that you will give your listings' book for free , no postage or handling , then you will certainly be getting a lot of people directed to your site.


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I am 18 years old and was born with only 7 teeth genetically.  I had a partial put in when I was 10 but it is now too small for my mouth and is causing major pain and discomfort.  I have had estimates to fix my teeth and the least expensive was $7000.  I can afford a little but not that.  I am a full time student and working 2 jobs trying to afford daily life.  I don't qualify for any credit because I'm too young.   Does anyone know if there is foundations that might help me with this?  My private email is

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I am a 51 year old woman in North Idaho. I have over the last few months now, been having re-occuring sinus and ear infections. I have also just started getting migraines. I heard a popping sound in my jaw one night and thought I had broken a tooth. I went to the dentist, who told me that I had 3 abcessed teeth. I had no pain with them. I was put on yet another course of antibiotics. I recently had 1 of those teeth pulled, which I had to borrow money from my elderly parents for. I need to have all my upper teeth pulled to help get rid of these infections.  The dentist told me that this could very well be the cause of my other infections. If these are not treated they can cause even more damage to your health.I have recently lost many hours at my job, who doesn't provide dental coverage. I need to find some resource at little to no cost.

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The inventiveness taken for the topic is very serious and need an awareness of every one. This is the concern which exists in the people and needs to be eliminated from the society as soon as probable.


Sean Cruz

 South Carolina Drug Treatment Centers

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hi my name is kristan, i am 22 years old and i am need of some kind of dental assistance.... in Nov. 2007 i went to the dentist to have my wisdom teeth removed and they discovered that i still had baby teeth that had never came out.... so on valetines day 2008 they cut and pulled out all together 8 of my teeth.... it was the most painful ordeal i have ever been the thro... for months i couldnt eat barely talk, awful experince..... then in March 08 i turned 21 and lost my coverage.... when this all began they told me my adult teeth may come in on their own but because of my age it wasnt likely and they havent moved... so i am miss two teeth up front on top and one tooth in front on bottom, i am going to need braces, plus buttons put on my adult teeth so they can be pulled in, they estimated the cost around $4000.... i am a mother of the most amzaing toddler, have a good man, and i am about to graduate from our community college..... but i wake up every morning with a frown not a smile because i hate smiling with my teeth missing.... i am just beginning my life missing teeth should be the least of my worries, but they are one of my main ones...... after i graduate i will have to go to interviews and find a job.... but even with my degree how many employers are going to take me serious with my teeth missing? i have lost so much confidence in myself since this happened i feel like they cut me up and left me out to dry with hardly any rope....  so please if anyone has any information about any dental assistance email me at thank you 
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 in response to snappy1...   

Hi snappy1

I am SO HAPPY to hear that your suffering will be gone soon . A toothache is a horrible thing to have to live with. I think toothache pain is some of the worst pain ever.

Take care and I am praying that you have relief SOON !


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