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please Help I live in Northwest
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chancey2421   in reply to soulight
Please help if u can,i live,in Calif and,need,help finding a dentists .my front teeth are missing and i am so depressed. I obt no were to begin to look to get help. I am disabled abd hace but my insurance does not cover bridges.
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i have yet to find free or even low enough cost dental care that its even possible to afford. me and my husband both have several missing teeth and are on medicaid, but as alot of people mentioned medicaid covers nothing for adults, just tooth extractions and even then you are on a waiting list of several monthes to see a oral surgeon who does it and by then then you will be in some really bad pain or even die of blood poisioning by the time the tooth is pulled. it has been proven that dental health affects all of your health and if your in poor dental health, it can cause several problems such as heart disease and strokes or even bllod poisioning as i mentioned. this is a crime, how do they get away with this? how many people have to die or become very ill before something will be done to make the goverment cover these much needed services? any suggestions would be greatley helpful for free dental care in the greater las vegas area in nevada, thanx for any help my name kathleen ...
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Bluebird22
Sat I found out every state has free dental. So type need free dental city state where u live also call state dental Association and they will help u good luck
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I found this website that says there are free clinics in certain states but haven't called to check any of them. Give them a call and see what happens.

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Summer1999   in reply to Leslie Poe 77
I completly agree with you, my appearance is very important to me, but right now or in the for seeable future I have no hope. I know it is a stretch, but I think that companies should help people on disabilities. They know what might happen, if one take's their medication. It's like some of my medications I have to have blood work to what levels are in my system.I use to read all the warning labels, then one becomes afraid to take the medication.I hope you can get help soon. God Bless
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missjanie   in reply to Leslie Poe 77
Hi, call 13162605056 for dental assistance leave your number they will call you back with information you will need :-)
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Leslie Poe 77
I have a problem, Im 36 years old. I had to have all my teeth removed over a year ago. I am disabled and single. I can not find any help for getting dentures. Every cent I make goes on bills and Im still struggling. I desperately need help. I have bad credit from my younger years so I do not qualify for that dental card where you just make payments.
Having no teeth at all is affecting my life. I never smile, I never go out to eat, I have choked so many times that the hymlick monuver was done. Im so terrified to eat while alone at home, and before I do eat I have to make sure that there is somebody that knows how to do the hymlick.
This is affecting my whole life in every aspect. My kids are even embarrassed by me. Im embarrassed. Im am very depressed and my whole lifestyle has changed to, well to were I dont have a life, but stay at home and never go out or have company.
Please I need help desparetly. But have absolutely not a dime to my name.
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im 29 years old and haven't seen a dentist in 8 years i have very little money and help. i live in upstate new york and and i would like some pointers on what to do.
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Hello, I became disabled and in a wheelchair in 2007. I lost my business and am now on SSI. My insurance does not cover dental and i don't get enough ssi to pay for it. I am going to school to be a paralegal. when i graduate, no one will hire me because my teeth are so bad. most of my teeth are broken off at the gums and my gums are very bad. i cant take the pain any more. Can anyone help me? Please.
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I guess I am not the only one with medical and detal problems. I have been licing wit AIDS for 26 years and in te ast 2 years, y medicines have stopped my moouth from producing aliva and because f tha, bactria has ruined ALL but 2 of y teeth, All ut 2 of my bottom teeth have rotted down to the guline and the last time I had een a dentist was about 9 months ago and they took 22 --rays and said that y uppper teeeth are also showing signs of rot and deay ad willl also need to be extracted and I will probaby ge full dentures instead of dental impplants. I can't eat, it hurts to chew, I ju turned 47 and I weigh 115 pounds. I am alive but I am not living I am just existing. I know there are programs that can heelp pay for y dental work but I can't find any. I live in the suburbs of Chicago, does anyone know whee I can begin or someone I can call because sooo my upper teeth wiil start too rot and I have a feeling it is going to hurt, alot.
Thank yu for taking the time to read this !!!
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Hi, i am 32 years old and the mother of 5 wonderful kids. I have dedicated my life and finances to giving them the best life possible. throughout this journey, I left myself behind...way behind! my teeth are falling out of my face at an alarming rate. my children tell me that my teeth are ugly and it crushes my heart. I no longer feel comfortable smiling at them either. Ive forgotten how good it feels to smile. I have no insurance and no funding to pay to fix my teeth. please, send me an angel to help fix my teeth. i want my children to see me smile at them. I pray every day and i have yet to receive gods answer. HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!707-347-6890
I am writing because my long time boyfriend desperately needs dentures. He was born with soft teeth and now at 48 has only 2 full teeth in his mouth. He gives so much to other and doesn't ask for anything in return. He does not smile and can barely eat. Please if someone can help him please make his life better.
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I am an older women and my teeth are really bad, I am barely making it paying bills and rent I have no money to fix my teeth. They are falling out and looks bad. I don't smile when my picture is taken. I need help to have my teeth fixed so I can smile more.
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Hi! I'm Patrick, I am 17 years old and I am from Philippines.I was really having Big problems with my dental issue in my early age. Most of my teeth are decayed and I lost My 3 front teeths, It suddenly cracked leaving some upper decayed parts of it. Because of it I losses my confidence at school but I dont make it as a hindrance to keep my self motivated to learn, actually I came to be Top 2 in our class. I cant beg help to my Adoptive mother because I know that we dont have financial support for such Problem and i dont want to give burden to her at her age, She is 70+ old, she's old. Now I am in College and this Dental Problem slowly kills my motivation, i cant barely recite in class and i cant barely talk to people. I am afraid that My future will be affected. Sometimes People Bully me, it really hurts :( Now i am desperately making bridges to people who can help me. I wish someone like you could help me, I am willing to spent my summer vacation to fix my Dental issue. I am really worried cause I have 1 month before school starts. PLEASE HELP ME :(
MY PHONE NUMBER : 09097297054

I am waiting For any replies. I hope someone like you could spare time reading this. God Bless you all :)
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People have been commenting on my teeth. It has really lowered how I feel about myself. I'm ashamed to smile. As a result of my missing teeth, people think I'm angry all the time. Or they ask me if i'm sad. I know have a huge gap in the front and have been the subject of ridicule as well. I've been told that if I don't take care of this soon ( missing back teeth) all my teeth will fall out. Dear God, .i need to work. My smile used to be my best asset...losing my teeth because of hardship and poverty has been traumatic for me. It has also been hard to even meet anyone....when they see me smile, they laugh at me. Please, is there anyone out there that can help me?
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someday smile
I have never in my whole life had a beautiful smile when I was born and my teeth came in I was missing one of my front teeth. By the time I was in school I was teesed constantly everyday was horriable my parents trying to do what they could took me to an orthodontist to get braces and began a path to a new smile. The procedders were extreamly painful. The doctor once had me waiting so long with my mouth propted open that once it was time to close my mouth i couldnt it was very litally stuck. so he just forced my jaw shut i now have displacement in my jaw and it pops all the time i have lived with it for so long ive just gotten use to the pain. Sadly this was the 80s first my father lost his job then my mother. She took me back to this supposed dr to ask him to remove the braces she had the money in cash to do that. he refused and said he wanted full payment for services past due and amount to remove braces. Well needless to say she didnt have that kind of money so we left I had those braces on my teeth for over five years distroying and roting all of my teeth no adjustments no repairs for broken wires or loose brakets with time they some pieces fell away taking chunks of my teeth at the same time. I even had a device on the roof of my mouth called a butterfly that came loose on one side and became inbeded in my upper jaw. In time my mother found a dentist that would only remove them nothing else. Finally the braces came off but the damage had been done. It has since gotten worse pain physically emontionally and mentaly. My dream is to one day have a beautiful smile to be proud of and eat one item that I have never had. Take my first large bite out of a large gourgues APPLE. Ive never done that and have always wanted too.
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I had a beautiful smile, then my financial situation changed. My teeth started causing me pain. I was told I had a infectionin my gums. With seven kids I could not afford the treatment. I was eventually told I needed a scaling and crowns and now I have peridontal disease. I am loosing teeth and all because I'm poor. I was abused by my mother as a child by my husband as a adult but watching my smile dissapear hurts more than the beatings. I no longer smile. And my heart is heavy because I feel like Im being punished for being poor
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ChiWayZ   in reply to DentalDoctor
I need 29 teeth taken out and i dont have a income and i live in lafayette indiana and i cant get a co signer,or anything total is 3200 to take them out and i dont know where else to go or look i have spent 2 years trying to find places or even a free clinic and its to that point for me and my mom where they are just cracking apart and need to have it done if you can point me in the right way it would be greatful..
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Hi. I wanted to know if there was help in Virginia Beach, Va. I have dental insurance and need a bunch of work done. Two bridges on my back teeth and need about 5 crowns. It is crazy how much dentists want to charge. I have gone to.about five in the last year just to get opinions. The ranges of the.cost is obserd. I have already dropped about six thousand dollars and I'm not finished.
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